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Treat Joint Pains at Home


Joint pain is a very common phenomenon that increases with the age. Research shows that more than one-third of adult suffers from one kind of joint pains or the other every month. Joints are basically the tissues that connect one bone to another and help in body movement. Joint pains mainly occur in places like the neck, jaws, knee, hips, lower back, and many more places. These pains occur due to reasons like poor posture, old age, inactivity, injuries and due to disease like arthritis. One often ignores these pains but when it becomes unbearable they generally resort to painkillers to soothe their pain. Although painkillers are really effective at the same time, they are not really good in the long run. If taken very frequently the painkillers can cause many other problems which include interaction with other medicines, loss of bone density, indigestion and most importantly addiction to these medicines. Doctors also advise to avoid these drugs and ask to change one’s lifestyle to reduce the pain. Here are some ways which you can adopt to reduce your joint pains.


Today’s lifestyle includes very restricted physical movements. At home, one has all kinds of machines to do their work and at the office also one sits all day before the computer and work. Therefore it can be easily said that practically one does not indulge in any kind of proper physical activity. Due to this, the muscle in the body gets stiff and joint pains start. Exercising on regular basis makes the muscle stronger which in turn helps in enduring the pains. Exercising also improves the blood circulation that also helps in reducing the pain.

Using Epsom Salt

Taking a bath with Epsom salts helps in reducing joint pains to a lot extent. Epsom salts are rich in sulfates and magnesium. The salt gets easily absorbed by the body and once inside the body it helps in relaxing the tense muscles and also reduces muscle spasms. Blending two cups of Epsom salts in hot bathwater and soaking in that water for twenty minutes can yield impressive results.

Consuming Ginger and Turmeric Tea

Ginger and turmeric both helps in reducing inflammation in the body. Turmeric especially helps as it is an antioxidant. These can also be consumed in the form of capsules or one can simply mix these ingredients in their tea and get relief from their joint pains.

Cold and Hot Packs

Applying hot or cold packs daily on the affected areas can reduce the pain significantly.

Use of essential oils

Essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, turmeric, and myrrh can be applied directly to the affected areas to get rid of the pain. These oils get absorbed by the skin very easily and therefore it works on the affected area effectively.

Change in Diet

The diet plays a significant role in the reduction of joint pains. Consuming food which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids reduces the inflammation in the body which in turn reduces joint pains. One should also avoid foods rich in trans-fat and added sugar as these increases the inflammation in the body.

Although joint pains are very common it can also be a symptom of some underlying disease. Therefore it is always advisable that one checks with a doctor. If no severe disease is there, it is always a better an option to try these home remedies or taking joint supplements than taking painkillers.

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