Different Kinds of Massage: An Overview



The significance and effectiveness of massage therapy was known to man, may be thousands of years ago. For this reason, there are more than hundreds of types of massage therapies practiced all over the world. Here is a brief overview of some of the different kinds of massage therapy known for their effectiveness.

Swedish massage:

This is one among the most popular types of massage therapy available in the US. Here, the therapists make use of long and smooth strokes with a massage lotion to offer relief from body aches and an overall healing. It is highly recommended for someone planning to enjoy a massage for the first time in life.

Chair massage:

A type of massage which is increasing in popularity at present, this allows you to remain fully clothed during the treatment. And, it is considered to be the advantage which sets it above others of the kind being practiced all over the world. You can get benefited from this therapy from wherever you are; either in your office or even when attending an event. This massage is also being promoted by business institutions for the overall health and well-being of their employees.

Acupressure Massage

This is a traditional Chinese mode of treatment which had been practiced there for thousands of years. Here, the therapist uses his/her hands, fingers or other devices on pressure or acupoints on one’s body. When pressure is exerted on acupoints, the body’s self-healing mechanism is invoked. This, in conjunction with any other energy massage is highly recommended for someone suffering from body aches and muscle tightness.

Hot stone massage:

If you are a person suffering from muscle tightness, this may be the type of massage ideal for you. Here, the masseur places hot stones on specific points on your body. The therapist may also hold hot stones and apply a bit of pressure when he/she feels the need for the same. The heat is sure to make you feel relaxed. This is recommended for someone who prefers a gentle, refreshing massage.


A Japanese form of massage therapy meant to offer relief from stress and pain, this is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Here, the masseur places his/her hands on specific points in your body for up to ten minutes. The time may vary in accordance with the feedback the masseur gets from you’re your body. Through the therapist, energy flows into your body. It is believed that this therapy is based on love and compassion.

The masseur simply goes into a state of meditation with his/her hands on your body. It gives feedback in the form of images being sent into the practitioner’s mind. The greatest advantage of this therapy is that it can be mastered even by an average person.

This is just an outline of the different kinds of massage therapy being practiced in the world. There are other types of massage like Tantric Massage ( Do your research and you would be amazed by the number of options available for you in the field.

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