The Importance of a Good Night Sleep


There is no doubt to the fact that everyone loves to have a good night sleep. However, its significance in the overall well-being of a person remained unnoticed until recently. Physicians considered it as a necessary evil. But, at present, this is a field where lots of research is being conducted. And, experts have come up with scientifically proven health benefits of enjoying a good sleep at night. Following are just a few of them.

A good night sleep protects you from heart diseases:

It is observed that heart failures generally happen during the wee hours of the day. This declares the effect sleep has on the blood vessels of the body. Lack of sleep adversely affects even your blood pressure. It so happens that when you don’t get enough sleep, your brain asks your body to stay on high alert. This increases the production of stress hormones raising blood pressure. Relaxation techniques may be of help to someone suffering from stress-related insomnia.

Sleep boosts memory:

The factor which creates a relationship between sleep and sharp memory still remains a mystery for medical science. But, experts say that while asleep, one’s brain remains active. And, a process known as “memory consolidation” takes place during the time. This is the process which helps a person memorize the things learned during the day.

good-nights-sleepSleep removes unwanted memories in children:

A good night sleep is a must-have for the proper development of a kid’s brain. There is a stage during sleep where he/she is in a state of deep dream. The rapid movement of the eyes happening at this stage is the process which helps to remove the harmful things a child learns during the day. For instance, when a child tries to learn biking, he/she falls several times. And, it may be in the twelfth time that the proper way gets registered in the kid’s mind. The stage of deep dream during the sleep is the time when all the wrong actions get unlearned and the right technique gets stored in mind. The next day, when the child gets onto the bike, the proper action automatically happens. Repeating the same instills the proper way to drive a bike into his/her brain.

Lack of sleep leads to weight gain:

Surveys show that those who suffer from insomnia are the easy victims of the diseases like obesity. This happens due to the fact that a failure to get a good night sleep adversely affects the hormones controlling appetite. It implies that if you wish to maintain an attractive physique, sleeping for up to 6-7 is an absolute must.

Scientists have also found out that enjoying a small nap during the day helps professionals to stay more focused on work. It also improves their cognitive abilities.

Allow yourself to have a time of rest, up to seven hours in the night. Experts advise that a good night’s sleep is the most effective medicine to prolong your life.

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