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Fish oil, or the oil that is derived from the body of fishes, offers plenty of benefits to human kind. Contrary to the way it is named, fish oil is not produced by the fishes but accumalated by them when they feed upon other aquatic organisms such as algae. Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids a kind of fatty acid that is exclusively found in marine fishes and some plants.

This omega 3 fatty acid is basically a poly unsaturated hydrocarbon chain that has carbon- carbon double bond(C=C) at the third position. Some are vital fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by our body and need to be supplemented through diet. Fish oil is beneficial in preventing and to some extent, curing of an array of diseases like cancer, hypertension, alzheimer’s and many more which plague the mankind today.

Avoid Cancers

A diet rich in fatty acids is thought to lessen the danger of development of certain types of cancer in the human body, particularly the ones that are hormone related – like the breast cancer. It may also benefit against the occurrence of prostate and colon cancer. Fish oil may also help in maintaining the muscle mass of the body, the loss of which is a common complaint with the patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Protection for the Heart

A regular intake of ɷ3 fatty acid is believed to lower the blood pressure and reduce the incident of heart attacks. It is also shown to be effective in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia, a condition with high levels of triglycerides in the blood, which may trigger the occurrence of other cardio vascular diseases as well.


Fish oil is a wonderful alternate treatment for all skin ailments ranging from acne to redness, inflamed dry skin and psoriasis. Oral intake of fish oil and healthy life habits ensure a problem free skin that glows with health!

Alzheimer’s disease

The abundant protein in the human brain is DHA. A diet rich in this essential fatty acid ensures a better brain development of the foetus and may also help in warding off alzheimer’s at a later stage in life. Although research is going on in this regard, fish oil consumption still is a popular option for alternative treatment for this disease. Fish oil also helps to control hypertension, depression etc.

Bid Goodbye to Arthiritis

Arthritis is a condition where one or more of our bone joints become inflamed. Fish oil with its excellent lubricating properties effectively reduces the stiffness in the joint. The omega 3 fatty acid content in the fish oil also acts as an anti inflammatory element reducing the swelling in the joint. Hence, it helps us to bid farewell to the pain that result from arthritis.

Reverse the Aging Process

Human aging is a natural process which cannot be avoided. The present day lifestyle spells doom for the skin and body’s mechanism to prevent aging. With all the chemicals and pollution we are exposed to, the phenomenon of telomere shortening occurs at a faster rate. Fish oil is proven to reduce the rate of telomere shortening, thereby rewinding the age clock!


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