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selfcaremassagetherapistsPlanning to become a massage therapist? Know all about the career options, requirements and massage lessons – Become a Massage Therapist in Singapore

What does a massage therapist do?

A massage therapist is a qualified masseur who offers various types of massages. These massages are developed to deal with different types of body pains and mental conditions. These massages are extremely helpful and are designed in such a fashion that they provide permanent relief.

A massage therapist has to know the techniques and also details of the human anatomy so that he is able to provide the accurate strokes and pressures in the required places. He should also have good communication and interpersonal skills so that the client feels comfortable and relaxed. He should also be aware of any pain or distress that the client might feel during the massage and in case of such a situation he should change his techniques and force to suite the person he is providing the massage to. He is the solely responsible for his reputation as a therapist and also the organization that he is associated with.

Where does a massage therapist work?

A massage therapist could work independently, or he could be associated with the following places,

  • Massage offices or companies
  • Health spas and health clubs
  • Hotels
  • Some renowned corporate houses
  • Physician’s office and clinic
  • Offices that provide chiropractic services
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Wellness centers
  • Sports teams
  • Beauty salons
  • Outcall massage singapore

What are the requirements for becoming a certified massage therapist?

To apply for a certificate course you will require a high school diploma. It would be an added advantage if you have prior knowledge of science and humanities. This knowledge will help you to catch up with the course faster.

Before joining a course watch out for the particular requirements in your state. These requirements might vary from state to state.  Depending on the state that you choose to do your course from, you might need to take up an examination once you complete your graduation.  It could be Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam or an exam taken by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

To become a nationally certified massage technician get a certification from National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

What are the benefits of becoming a massage therapist?

If you are planning to build a career as a massage therapist then you may look forward to a bright and promising career. There has been a growth in the requirement of massage therapists all over USA. As people are getting more aware of their health and seeking natural ways of getting it, massages are becoming very popular.

There are more than 350 recognized schools that are offering massage therapy courses. You could easily find one in your own state and get started.

You will have the option of working both full time and part time being a therapist. This will help you to maintain a better work life balance. So, wait no more, take massage lessons – Become a Massage Therapist.



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